Book That Condo is a new trend in property management, embracing the 21st century demands of Vacation Rentals. We specialize in premium beach-front accommodations for vacationers, short-term and long-term rentals, corporate housing, military lodging and group stays.

The cool thing about us is… it’s not actually about us. Book That Condo is committed to giving our customers exactly what they deserve, a personal experience coupled with quality and ethical service for each of our clients. For our owners, that translates into an inexpensive but effective way to market and rent each individual property. For our renters, we focus on simplicity, offering multiple options while maintaining a high level of customer service.


You’ll love our awesome staff. We strive daily to make renting easier, bookings faster, and providing condos in top notch condition. Our success is contained in our hardworking team of caring, aggressive, consistent, dependable, and fun staff who are adaptive to new ideas and change. We believe that if there is a better way, find it!

Although our work is on the sand our business is founded on the Rock.  Our business intent is to exercise Christian morals and values and keep our beaches a wonderful place to vacation. We are elated to do business with you!

How it Started

As services commander in the Air Force, Reggie Johns has been a successful leader, father, and entrepreneur. Since starting his career in real estate, Reggie has continued to establish relationships with his clients, built on a foundation of honesty and integrity.

A “true native” with an energetic spirit and love of the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”, Reggie’s primary objective for Book That Condo is for both owners and tenants to have a rewarding experience. After years of experience in condo realty and rental management, Reggie Johns decided it was time to change the way condo rental management companies operated.

Reggie started Book that Condo from home, managing several properties and housing in upwards of seventy BP contractors during the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill. Soon the operation flourished and his vision a reality. Book That Condo is continuing to grow exponentially and stay ahead of the curve in condo management.

Mark Wheaton

Mark Wheaton has an extensive background in Condo Association Management.  After spending 23 years in the Air Force in Hospitality Services, Mark spent 5 years as a CAM in Panama City Beach. Mark was a Lodging Superintendent at Hurlburt Field for several years before coming aboard with the Book That Condo team as Manager of Operations.  Mark’s experience in the hospitality industry has made him a knowledgeable asset to Book That Condo.

Adam Miles

Stemming from a music background, Adam finished college in the summer of 2010 and, after spending some time in the web development business, soon after became a part of the Book That Condo team.  Adam now coordinates marketing initiatives, maintains all property media and streamlines rental procedures. Adam continues to labor the intensities of a creative market and a world that turns to the internet for it’s information.

Michelle Kapler

Michelle has been in the hospitality industry for nearly 10 years with her beginning days belonging to Marriott in Timeshare. From there she moved to hotels/lodging and was introduced into the “Condominium” world in 2005 opening Shores of Panama through pre-construction. Her involvement to date in the hospitality industry has always been centered around being a leader as well as delivering excellent customer service to all guests and owners. Michelle’s background consists of Financial Management and Business Relations, but ventures into all aspects of the business striving to be an asset to any company or individual.

Debi Smith

Originally from Edison, New Jersey, Debi has embraced over 30 years of experience in the property management industry. During this quest, she has successfully managed up to 2,500 units in five different states.

Then again, she is no stranger to the local market! After residing in Atlanta for several years, she decided to relocate to Panama City Beach. Over the past three years, she has focused on short term vacation rentals in the vicinity, as well as the neighboring resort towns of Destin and Fort Walton Beach.

During that time she established a reputable emphasis on reservation generation, creative marketing and revenue analytics. Some of Debi’s most notable strengths include occupancy stabilization, marketing in a touch economy and revenue management.

In addition to bringing contagious energy and a boisterous laugh, she has become a major contributor and godsend to our company. Her valiant efforts to satisfy visitors and property owners alike prove the unsurpassed passion and dedication she embraces.