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Book That Condo is a new trend in property management, embracing the 21st century demands of Vacation Rentals. We specialize in premium beach-front accommodations for vacationers, short-term and long-term rentals, corporate housing, military lodging and group stays.

The cool thing about us is… it’s not actually about us. Book That Condo is committed to giving our customers exactly what they deserve, a personal experience coupled with quality and ethical service for each of our clients. For our owners, that translates into an inexpensive but effective way to market and rent each individual property. For our renters, we focus on simplicity, offering multiple options while maintaining a high level of customer service.


You’ll love our awesome staff. We strive daily to make renting easier, bookings faster, and providing condos in top notch condition. Our success is contained in our hardworking team of caring, aggressive, consistent, dependable, and fun staff who are adaptive to new ideas and change. We believe that if there is a better way, find it!

Although our work is on the sand our business is founded on the Rock.  Our business intent is to exercise Christian morals and values and keep our beaches a wonderful place to vacation. We are elated to do business with you!


How it Started

As services commander in the Air Force, Reggie Johns has been a successful leader, father, and entrepreneur. Since starting his career in real estate, Reggie has continued to establish relationships with his clients, built on a foundation of honesty and integrity.

A “true native” with an energetic spirit and love of the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”, Reggie’s primary objective for Book That Condo is for both owners and tenants to have a rewarding experience. After years of experience in condo realty and rental management, Reggie Johns decided it was time to change the way condo rental management companies operated.

Reggie started Book that Condo from home, managing several properties and housing in upwards of seventy BP contractors during the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill. Soon the operation flourished and his vision a reality. Book That Condo is continuing to grow exponentially and stay ahead of the curve in condo management.

Meet the Book That Condo Team

MICHELLE KAPLER – Business Manager – michellekapler@bookthatcondo.com

Michelle handles all accounting needs of Owners, maintains all payables with vendors, reports and pays all taxing authorities for company and its Owners, disburses monthly revenue to Owners, creates and manages Owner statements, maintains all inventory, purchasing and accounting for Book That Condo, LLC, handles all payroll reporting and employee hiring, terminations, Workers Comp and insurance, and much more.  Works Monday – Friday as standard business hours, weekends as needed during peak seasons.

DAWN MEADE – Owner Services Manager – dawnmeade@bookthatcondo.com

Dawn meets with prospective new Owners to bring them on the program, visits and meets with on-site HOA’s to ensure we continue to have a good working relationship on the beach, promotes the company at networking events in the area and works within the community to keep us up to date on trends and new industry standards. She also works with owners on upgrades to their condos, working along with Melissa Bratcher to get vendor bids to assist owners with major projects.  Works Monday – Friday as standard business hours, weekends as needed during peak seasons.

MELISSA BRATCHER – Owner Services Admin Assistant – melissabratcher@bookthatcondo.com

Melissa works with current Owners to obtain authorization for items in excess of $150, she assists in facilitating replacements with vendors including flooring, furniture, painting, HVAC equipment and electronics. She will be your point of contact for questions and assistance with any replacements, damages, and the day to day work orders that occur on your investment. She will also set appointments in the event you want to meet with Dawn when visiting in town. Works Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 6:00

JIM SCIBELLI – Operations Manager – jamesscibelli@bookthatcondo.com

As GM I had the opportunity to bring Jim on board after working with him at my previous employer.  His work ethic, industry knowledge and professionalism have allowed us to solidify a strong operations team.  He will continue to work on building a strong maintenance team as we head into 2016 to ensure that we are at the top of our game when it comes to maintenance.  His work schedule is normally Wednesday and Sunday off, however, he is always on call.

CHARMAINE MORGAN – Housekeeping Supervisor – charmainemorgan@bookthatcondo.com

Charmaine has been with Book That Condo since Reggie started the company.  Her original role was in the field as a cleaner, but we know talent when we see it and brought her on board as an employee at the beginning of 2015.  Charmaine knows these condos like no other, and her attention to detail is the best on the beach.  She keeps a tight handle on her core cleaners, schedules all cleans, disburses all inventory, handles all reclaim laundry, handles ordering of all amenities for the cleaners and the inventory, and does all ordering for linens.  Charmaine is normally off on Wednesday and Thursday each week.

TRAVIS REVELL – Marketing Manager – travisrevell@bookthatcondo.com

Travis just started with Book That Condo in October.  This position has remained vacant throughout 2015 until I was clear, as the General Manager, the direction I wanted to take our marketing.  Our revenue across the board was up for each owner, so we are on the right trajectory, now, with Travis, we will capitalize on the other venues in the marketplace.  His social media aptitude, his technology intelligence and his design and creativity skill set will put Book That Condo ahead of every other company on the beach when it comes to marketing.  We are lucky to have him! Works Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00

KAT DUERR – Marketing Coordinator – christinaduerr@bookthatcondo.com

Kat was our seasonal hire and has turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  She previously worked at Disney in Orlando in customer service and has spent years on the political scene during heavy campaign times so she is well versed in conflict and resolution.  She has been promoted to our marketing department to work alongside Travis and will be handling website updates, unit builds on the computer and much more. Works Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 6:00

KERI EDWARDS – Reservations Supervisor – keriedwards@bookthatcondo.com

Keri came on board during spring break and has become a valuable asset to our reservations team.  She just gave birth to little Victoria and after only a few weeks off is back full time.  She is also happily married with a daughter at home already.  Due to Keri’s strong customer service skills , she has recently taken on more managerial responsibilities when it comes to revenue and guest relations.

STACI SPIKES – Reservations Consultant – stacispikes@bookthatcondo.com

Staci came to us during spring break from another management company on the beach.  She went back to school this August to study to be a Dental Hygienist, however, she will continue to work with us throughout her studies and we look forward to having her on board until that degree comes through.

KHRISTINNA IRIZARRI- Inspections Specialist – khristinnairizarry@bookthatcondo.com 

Khristinna came to us this year with over two years in short term vacation rental experience and relocated here from Georgia.  She originally started with Book That Condo in our reservations department and as we moved out of peak season she let us know she wants to be out in the field with our vendors, cleaners, guests and owners to make sure our condos look the best they can so we have promoted her to an Inspector position.  

SHAWN BIERAU- Maintenance Technician – shawnbierau@bookthatcondo.com 

Shawn joins our team this month with over 10 years of experience in short term vacation rentals here in Panama City Beach. His knowledge and technical skill set with be a huge asset to our team and he will move forward into a Supervisory position as we continue to hire our full team starting in March. Shawn was referred to us by Dawn Meade, who worked alongside him on the beach for several years.